Bright Futures Educational Trust is committed to providing the best possible opportunities for the children, young people, families and communities that we serve. Our schools work collaboratively across the Trust and with other partner schools and agencies to get the best for everyone.
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Who to Contact

Who to Contact

If you are in Main School, do not forget that you can also talk to your Senior Tutor or Assistant Senior Tutor about something you are worried about. Come to see one of us at the Senior Tutor Office or email for an appointment.


please phone 0161 912 5912 to ask to speak to your daughter’s Senior Tutor or Assistant Senior Tutor.

Parents should also note that all these websites are full of information for parents and all the organisations are happy to give parents any help if they have any concerns.

Year 7 Senior Tutor Mr Lovelady
Assistant Senior Tutor Mrs Clutton