Bright Futures Educational Trust is committed to providing the best possible opportunities for the children, young people, families and communities that we serve. Our schools work collaboratively across the Trust and with other partner schools and agencies to get the best for everyone.
Bright Futures Educational Trust
Alliance for Learning

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

  • Ms S Gill
  • Mrs J Ogunmyiwa
    Vice Principal: Pupil & Student Development
  • Miss L Fathers
    Head of Teaching School & BFET Co-Principal
  • Mrs H Cleary
    Assistant Vice Principal: CPD, Training & Staff Development
  • Mr T Copestake
    Assistant Vice Principal: Achievement & Curriculum
  • Mrs K Galvin
    Assistant Vice Principal: Head of Sixth Form
  • Mrs N Walker
    Assistant Vice Principal: Teaching & Learning
  • Mrs Eleanor Davidson
    Director of SCITT / Assistant Director of Teaching School

Teaching Staff

  • Dr K Adamson
    Second in English (Responsible for KS4)
  • Mrs L Anstey
    Head of Dance
  • Miss J Bailey
  • Mr A Barry
    Mathematics / Maths Assessment Co-ordinator Yrs 7-11
  • Miss H Benson
    MFL - German / Asst ST Yr 9
  • Miss D Bloomfield
  • Mrs R Bond
  • Mr C Capon
    Head of Computing
  • Miss A Carolan
  • Mr J Carr
  • Mrs C Carradus
    Mathematics / Senior Tutor Y11
  • Mrs E Charlton
  • Mrs A Clark
  • Mrs L Clutton
    Food & Nutrition / Asst ST Yr 7
  • Mrs K Cockerill
  • Mrs R Collinson
    Dance (maternity leave)
  • Mrs M Connor
  • Mrs C Crowson
  • Mr S Davenport
    Head of RS
  • Mrs A-L Davies
  • Miss E Demeur
  • Miss N Devlin
    Second in English (Responsible for KS3 & KS5 Literature)
  • Mrs L Dickinson
  • Mr H Dickson
    Head of History
  • Mrs S Downing
    Second in Biology / Senior Tutor Y12
  • Mrs J Ebbrell
  • Mrs K Edmundson
    RS / Higher Education Co-Ordinator
  • Mr A Emms
    Head of Geography
  • Mr T England
    English / Literacy Co-Ordinator
  • Mr J Flanagan
    Second in History / Senior Tutor Yr 10
  • Miss L Godding
    Dance (maternity cover)
  • Mr T Gough
  • Mrs H Hardicre
  • Mrs M Harper
  • Mrs A Heathcock
    Head of Mathematics
  • Mme A Herbert
    MFL - French
  • Miss M Hickman
    Mathematics / Asst ST Yr 10 / D of E Co-Ordinator
  • Miss N Horan
  • Mrs A Hughes
    History / SEN & EAL Co-ordinator
  • Miss C Hughes
    Head of Psychology / Senior Tutor Y13
  • Mrs Z Hulme
    Biology & Food Technology
  • Mr S Humphrys
    RS & Citizenship
  • Mrs L Hurst
  • Mrs K Hutton
  • Miss E Kirby
    Teacher of Business and Computing
  • Mrs K Langridge
    Second in Chemistry
  • Miss S Lloyd
    Second in Physics / Senior Tutor Y8
  • Mrs K Lovelady
    Head of Design Technology
  • Mr M Lovelady
    Second in Geography / Senior Tutor Y7
  • Mrs A Malkin
    Mathematics / KS5 Co-Ordinator
  • Mrs H Marler
    Drama / Senior Tutor Y9
  • Miss Y Martinez
    MFL - Spanish
  • Ms Julia Mayall
    Head of Music
  • Mr S Mazumder
    Maths Hub Lead
  • Mrs S McIntosh
    Assistant Head of MFL
  • Miss E Mitchell
    Head of Citizenship & PSHE
  • Mr J Murray
    Head of Business & Economics / EPQ Co-Ordinator
  • Miss D Murtagh
    PE (maternity cover)
  • Mr R Nisar
    Head of Physics
  • Miss C O'Hara
    Head of English
  • Ms P Payne
    Art / Asst ST Y11
  • Miss F Provost
    Biology & Psychology
  • Mrs S Read
    Textiles Technology
  • Mrs K Reynolds
    Head of PE (maternity leave)
  • Dr C Roberts
    Chemistry / Numeracy Co-Ordinator
  • Miss C Russell
    Head of Biology
  • Mrs F Ryan
    Head of Drama
  • Mrs N Ryan
    MFL / Spanish Co-Ordinator
  • Mr J Starnes
  • Mrs A Stokes
    Head of MFL
  • Miss S Taylor
    Head of Art
  • Mr M Thompson
    Mathematics / Maths Data Manager for Yrs 7-11
  • Mr O Walker
    Head of Science / Head of Chemistry
  • Miss R Walsh
  • Miss L Warburton
  • Miss R Wells
  • Mr J Wilkinson
    Second in Chemistry / Asst ST Y8
  • Mrs K Willmott
  • Miss A Wright
    Music / Lead Senior Tutor
  • Dr S Yong

Associate Staff

  • Mr D Adshead
    Senior IT Technician
  • Mrs E Arenas
    Spanish Teaching assistant
  • Mr D Beddow
    Buildings and Estates Manager
  • Mr R Berry
    Business and Finance Manager
  • Miss A Bown
    AV & ICT Technician
  • Mrs S Brazewell
    Finance Assistant
  • Mr T Brennan
  • Mrs V Brennan
    Reprographics Technician
  • Mrs K Butt
    School Events & Trips Coordinator
  • Mrs C Critchley
    Teaching School Marketing & Communications Lead
  • Ms J Egan
    Sixth Form Administrator
  • Mrs K Gillibrand
    C.E.I.A.G. Co-Ordinator
  • Mrs R Gough
    Examination Officer
  • Mrs Y Greenhow
    Cover Supervisor
  • Mrs R Harrison
    Teaching School Administrator
  • Mrs T Hart
    ARR Secretary
  • Mrs R Hodgson
  • Mr T Jones
  • Mr N Kivell
    IT Systems Support Analyst
  • Mrs H Langmead-Jones
    SCITT Manager
  • Mrs A Lavin
    Teaching School TSST Administrator
  • Mrs S Loxham
    Chemistry Technician
  • Mrs S Ludlam
    Teaching School Maths Hub Administrator
  • Mrs S Mason
    Finance Assistant
  • Mr T Musgrove
    Design & Technology Technician
  • Mr P Osborne
    Data Manager
  • Ms K Owen
    P.A. To Principal / Admin Manager
  • Miss S Philip
    Teaching School Mentally Healthy Schools Project Coordinator
  • Mrs A Prichard
    Pastoral Secretary
  • Mrs S Quigley
    Sixth Form Administrator
  • Miss L Rkakbi
    French Teaching Assistant
  • Mr M Roberts
    Physics Technician
  • Mrs A Ryan
    Biology Technician
  • Ms P Schall
    German Teaching Assistant
  • Mr M Stanbra
    Cover Supervisor & art technician
  • Mrs A Sullivan
    Admissions Officer
  • Mrs D Swainston
    Afternoon Receptionist
  • Mrs M Thompson
    Finance Assistant
  • Mrs A Thorp
    Web Developer
  • Mrs J Turpin
    Junior Science Technician
  • Mrs C Walker
    Cover Supervisor
  • Mrs C Whelan
    Teaching School Administrator
  • Mrs C Williams
    Recruitment Co-ordinator / H.R. Administrator
  • Mr F Zalalem